Friday, August 22, 2008

Donde Puedo Encontrar Poptropica En Espanol


In a few hours, the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing over. Among the sporting events I can and I will not express here, I was too far away from the action. In addition, one was from the various media constantly and probably also served competently. Stress I will here simply once the reports and reports by Corinne Schlatter (cos.) from the NZZ, who took the trouble to travel for several months before the Games to Beijing and to throw one, or more behind the scenes. Her numerous articles have shown that Corinne Schlatter, unlike many other journalists, approached the city and its inhabitants critical but open mind and reported. All those from unskilled "China-bashing" is fed up with know their work to appreciate the more.

It is for me, at least at this stage difficult, many of my impressions, experiences and encounters while to organize these games and to bring in a still somewhat tolerable dose to "paper". The following figure but says perhaps more than many words.
Beijing has certainly left no stone unturned to make the city appear in radiant splendor. This is in many respects succeeded and where they supposedly unattractive or unfinished could not remove it, it was, more or less tastefully clad, flag manufacturers, and the screen printing and other printer here really did a great job.

In a figurative sense, this picture also shows that China is not just "ready built" is that in this country many contradictions, Incomprehensible and sometimes quite brilliant programming encountered. You really have to take the trouble to learn about China and the Chinese a little better, to understand why many here hold very different than here in Switzerland or in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that many things around the Olympic Games in the Western media (and probably also in the general public) felt very different, were considered or assessed as here in China.

Time will tell whether these games, apart from several new sports venues and shows mass intensive investment in public transport, in some way a lasting effect.


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